About Libby

libby bernardin

My two collections are Stones Ripe for Sowing Press 53, 2018 and House in Need of Mooring, also published by Press 53 October 1, 2022. Both books can be ordered at Press 53.com and Amazon

I am a South Carolina poet whose chapbook, The Book of Myth (Stepping Stones Press, 2009) was one of six winners in the South Carolina Poetry Initiative chapbook contest. My poems have appeared in numerous journals including Southern Poetry Review, The South Carolina Poetry Society Yearbook, Cairn, and Kakalak.

Also, poems are included in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume I: South Carolina, and After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery for Life-Shattering Events, and The World Is Charged: Poetic engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins. Other publications over several years have included Southern Poetry Review, The Asheville Review, Notre Dame Review, Kakalak and Negative Capability, the Poetry of South Carolina Yearbook and the North Carolina Poetry Society’s Pinesong.

My poem “Name Day” won honorable mention in the Porter Fleming contest in 1990 and was included in my novel, The Stealing (McGraw-Hill, 1993). In 1986 I was named the South Carolina Arts Commission’s literary fellow.

I have given many readings and taught workshops in poetry, fiction and journalism. Until accepting a full-time faculty position at the University of South Carolina, I served for a number of years on the arts-in-the-schools roster. I studied at the Haden Dream Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, learning about dreams, symbols and mythology, an influence in my work.

I am retired from teaching English at the University of South Carolina and am a Lifetime Member on the Board of Governors for the South Carolina Academy of Authors.