Stones Ripe For SewingStones Ripe for Sowing

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The Book of Myth

Stepping Stones Press

There is a remarkable quality to these poems that for their tone and mode of supplication and praise are best described as prayers. Here the subject of the prayers (i.e. the one prayed to) does not fall into easy orthodoxy, and the prayers are addressed to the art of language, but beyond that, to something more rustically atavistic, something almost “pagan” and primordial in their reverence for landscape, for the galaxies, for frogs, for first snow, and ultimately for the elements.

Kwame Dawes, Series Editor, Columbia, SC

Layers of Song

Finishing Line Press
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Georgetown, KY 40324
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Libby Bernardin’s Layers of Song is a state of mind, an energy that enters us. The “silence of music,” “shaking of blossom,” and “sultry jasmine air,” are images that give shape and sound to the ineffable that surround us. As we discover the floral world of dianthus, hyacinth, and sweet william, we feel something gentle and wise opening inside us. “I knew there was something she owned in me,” from “Family Secret,” takes on multiple meaning beyond its powerful context. We are subtly possessed by these poems, as if by “a feather’s breath.” I invite you to read them with complete surrender.

Linda Annas Ferguson