My New Book

My  New Book

My new book Stones Ripe for Sowing has been released by Press 53.

You can order from I will autograph them when I receive the books and send to you in late September or early October.

You can also order from Amazon:

SAVE THE DATE: I am having my book launch in Columbia at Stormwater Studios 413 Pendleton Street Columbia, South Carolina 29201October 18, thanks to Heidi Darr Hope. My reading will begin at 6 pm during Stormwater Studios open house, free to the public. I would love to share my poetry with you. Stones Ripe for Sowing is published by Press 53, my editor, Kevin Watson Morgan.

I’ll be continuing to update on Facebook and on my website at

Here is a preview by North Carolina poet, Pat Riviere-Seel:

Libby Bernardin has crafted a haunting collection from a life well lived and carefully examined. These stunning poems question and affirm while eschewing answers. They invite us to “step into doubt, that hard stone, / seed of spring, of water, of fire.” Firmly grounded in the natural world, Bernardin trains her gaze deep into our very nature and existence, addressing loss and grief, aging, wonder and joy, all the contradictions of our human existence, with language that is at once lyrical and precise. These poems celebrate the every day and the sacred. This is a collection that invites you to become “a new person emerging from this hard case, / a chrysalis with one wing out, trembling.”

—Pat Riviere-Seel

Nothing Below But Air

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