From a very young age I have written poetry, fiction and journal entries. Those early years were only for me to understand who I was, what was important to me, and what I thought about issues, problems and just general growing up years.

In my thirties I began to consider writing for publication. The ensuing years brought many exciting possibilities for me, taking workshops and studying with such giants as Dr. Louis Rubin, Susan Ludvigson, William Stafford, Joy Harjo and James Dickey. They were hard years, as I began to move from total introspection to awareness of what a reader might expect, and later what experiences a reader might bring to a poem of mine. With this awareness, I began to seriously consider language in my poetry.

I am often inspired by the desire to know my family history. My paternal grandmother was part Choctaw. Her family legends inspired me to write about a longing to know more of Choctaw history and culture. My maternal grandfather was an evangelist, traveling from church to church preaching the gospel. I think my love for language came from hearing some of his fire and brimstone sermons. I don't always know where poems come from–I just follow the urge to write.